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Under a sun


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about the straw gods



Their soulful take on the darker side of Blues / Rock with a strong female vocal will bring you to dark smoky whiskey bars where you’ll get lost in the depth of their sound - Bobby Green -


The Straw Gods is a band formed in 2012 in North Dublin, Ireland. Loosely described as Alternative Blues Rock, the five piece group originally started as a collaboration between Guitarist/Composer Daniel Soro and Singer Pia Dunne.

They have recently finished producing their second EP entitled Carnivore, following the release of their Debut EP Under a Sun early in 2015. In its current line up, the band emerged as recently as April 2014, and have been busy gigging in and out of Dublin since. An album is intended in early 2017 while they amass and refine their catalogue of original material.


Vocals / Pia Dunne

Guitar / Daniel Soro

Guitar / Glenn Brady

Bass / Barry Rycraft

Drums / Tommy Gray


“With inflections of off-kilter alternative-rock, infused with Jennifer Evans’esque overtones, the five-piece create an engaging (albeit held-back) sound. Flickering with real promise, the Straw Gods could very well deliver something unique and lasting…”  - Stephen White - The Last Mixed


“It’s a cool sound, that I’ve actually not heard in a very long time, and the way they do it is so original it makes me want to start something new tomorrow” - Ciaran Black - Music Promoter